The GWE Team

We love what we do, we are proud of wilderness, we believe Galapagos a Natural Paradise and a gift for all to visit, preserve and respect.  We are proud to have the best committed group of people that will always do the extra mile for you to enjoy this your life experience.


Giancarlo Toti

Giancarlo was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador where he attended both elementary and high school at the American School of Guayaquil. After high school he became fascinated by technology, so he decided to pursue a career as an Industrial Engineer at the Polytechnic Institute of Guayaquil (ESPOL).

After four years working for a CAT dealership, Giancarlo was hired by the Charles Darwin Research Station to head the marine lab’s operations and logistics division. At the same time, he became a dive officer for the Research Station.

Giancarlo has been involved in several projects in the Galapagos marine reserve, spending hundreds of hours diving around these waters.  Actually, after a rigorous evaluation he became Certified Galapagos National Park Guide.

He is known as a very outgoing guy who loves sharing his knowledge with visitors and getting to share the message of the importance of keeping healthy and respect the wilderness of this piece of heaven on earth, the mission of GWE.

Roberto Plaza 

Roberto Plaza Illingworth was born in Ecuador.  Since he was very young, Roberto was attracted to nature and living creatures, that took him to continue his studies in Costa Rica at the Latin American University.  He did graduate with a Degree in Biology with emphasis in Ecology and Sustainable Development.

Roberto decided to move to the Enchanted Islands in 1994, when he decided to work as a certified naturalist guide for the Galapagos National Park.  Since his experience is well known in the islands, Roberto also acts as a Park consultant in matters related to tourism management and conservation.

Roberto's main interests in bird watching, botany, and evolution began as a child living in the coastal zone of Ecuador, and he is passionate about his country and its wildlife.  It is a complete honour to have Roberto in our GWE team.


Mariel Arevalo

Mariel was born and raised in Galapagos, moved to Guayaquil and continued her studies in Marketing, Communication and Publicity at Universidad Laica Vicente Rocafuerte.

As she says: "Something called her back to the Islands", so she moved back to Galapagos to have a restaurant, and participate actively with the community as a News Reporter for few years. 

She moved back to Guayaquil and joined Grupo IDIOMAS leading the Programs abroad, dealing with group of younsters of many nationalities. 

Her endless pride and passion for Galapagos and its magic got her back in the GWE Team.  She is in charge also of coordinating Promotion and Agents' Support for our partner agents in getting the accurate information for successful leads.